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Which type of device can be replaced by the use of subinterfaces for VLAN routing? [CCNA] (1)
What HSRP group uses the MAC address 0000.0c07.ac11? [CCNP] (2)
What is the 6bone? [CCNP] (1)
Man-in-the-Middle (MiM) attacks attack a network or system’s availability [CCNP] (1)
In the following table, specify whether the prefixes are allowed or prohibited on the 6bone according to the 6bone's routing policy [CCNP] (1)
What aggregatable global unicast IPv6 address space is assigned by the IANA for 6bone operation? [CCNP] (1)
What is not advertised by the pTLAs on the 6bone? [CCNP] (1)
What name is assigned to backbone nodes physically and logically connected on the 6bone that exchange routes? [CCNP] (1)
What is the main long-term goal of IPv6? [CCNP] (1)
List the main regional IPv6 initiatives/projects for Asia, Europe, and North America. Then list two international organizations that are considered important drivers for IPv6 [CCNP] (1)
Does the IPv6 Forum design standards and specifications for IPv6? [CCNP] (1)
List the two neutral scenarios presented in this chapter to establish IPv6 peering between the IPv6 ISPs in a NAP [CCNP] (1)
What are the basic steps for an ISP to become an IPv6 provider? [CCNA] (1)
List the rules for the reassignment of address spaces to customers by the providers [CCNP] (1)
What are the main criteria to get IPv6 address space in the current allocation policy? [CCNP] (1)
For the Microsoft Windows platforms listed in the following table, specify the pseudo-interface numbers defined for each type of interface [CCNP] (1)
What command in Solaris 8 assigns the static IPv6 address fec0:0:0:1::1/64 to the hme0 interface? [CCNP] (1)
What pseudo-interface is assigned as the configured tunnel interface on Solaris 8? [CCNP] (1)
What interface name is defined on FreeBSD for the 6to4 mechanism? [CCNP] (1)
What do you do in Linux to enable stateless autoconfiguration on the eth2 interface at the boot of the Linux node? [CCNP] (1)
What command in Linux assigns the static IPv6 address fec0:0:1000:1::a/64 to the eth0 interface? [CCNP] (1)
What command enables stateless autoconfiguration in Tru64? [CCNP] (1)
What pseudo-interface is assigned as the configured tunnel interface on Tru64? [CCNP] (1)
What IPv6 prefix length was allocated during the initial allocation policy by the RIRs in 1999? [CCNP] (1)
Which aggregatable global unicast prefix did the IANA allocate for the production of the IPv6 Internet? [CCNP] (1)
Which RIRs allocate IPv6 address space to providers? [CCNP] (1)
What command creates a configured interface in Tru64? [CCNP] (1)
For each description in the following table, specify the command that is used in Linux [CCNP] (1)
What Linux command creates the configured interface sit3? [CCNP] (1)