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An IPsec tunnel is negotiated within the protection of which type of tunnel? (1)
What command displays all existing IPsec security associations (SA)? (1)
What three parameters do you configure when using the Cisco SDM Quick Setup Siteto-Site VPN wizard? (1)
What two site-to-site VPN wizards are available in the Cisco SDM interface? (1)
To what entity is a crypto map applied to make the crypto map active? (1)
Which hashing algorithm does Cisco recommend as a best practice because of its increased security and speed? (1)
Which of the following licenses dictates the number of allowed concurrent connections on an ASA 5500 series appliance? (1)
Hashing is used to provide which of the following? (1)
The Digital Signature Standard outlines the use of which of the following algorithms in the creation of digital signatures? (1)
Which of the following attacks focus on RSA? (1)
How many weak keys are a part of the overall DES keyspace? (1)
Which of the following algorithms was the first to be found suitable for both digital signing and encryption? (1)
Which of the following ensures that data is not modified in transit? (1)
What are two modes of operation for both Authentication Header (AH) and Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)? (1)
What two IKE modes can negotiate an IKE Phase 1 (that is, an ISAKMP) tunnel? (1)
Which of the following acts as a VPN termination device and is located at a primary network location? (1)
Which of the following is not one of the five main areas that constitute a PKI? (1)
Which of the following Public Key Cryptographic Standards (PKCS) defines the syntax for encrypted messages and messages with digital signatures? (1)
Which of the following are valid certificate authority (CA) architectures? (1)
Which of the following best describes a certificate authority (CA)? (1)
A Public Key Infrastructure serves as a basis for providing which of the following security services? (1)
Which of the following are distinctions between asymmetric and symmetric algorithms? (1)
Modern digital signatures generally rely on which of the following? (1)
Before a Diffie-Hellman exchange may begin, the two parties involved must agree on what? (1)
RSA employs keys that generally have what bit length? (1)
Which of the following is not a popular public-key encryption algorithm? (1)
Which of the following are techniques used by symmetric encryption cryptography? (Choose all that apply.) (1)
Cryptographic hashes can be used to provide which of the following? (1)
Which of the following is an example of a function intended for cryptographic hashing? (1)