What pseudo-interface is assigned as the configured tunnel interface on Linux? [CCNP] (1)
For each description in the following table, specify the command that is used in FreeBSD [CCNP] (1)
What command in FreeBSD enables the configured interface gif15? [CCNP] (1)
What FreeBSD parameter enables stateless autoconfiguration on all interfaces? [CCNP] (1)
Based on the following table, what commands in Solaris 8 establish a configured tunnel? [CCNP] (1)
What do you do on Solaris 8 to enable IPv6 on interfaces hme0 and hme1? [CCNP] (1)
What command assigns the static IPv6 address fec0:0:0:1::1 to pseudo-interface 4 on Microsoft Windows XP? [CCNP] (1)
What command lists all the pseudo-interfaces on Windows 2000 and Windows NT? [CCNP] (1)
Name some limitations of NAT [CCNP] (1)
Explain the consequences of the exhaustion of the IPv4 address space [CCNP] (1)
What command enables IPv6 on Windows XP? [CCNP] (1)
What is the purpose of the 96-bit prefix for the NAT-PT mechanism? [CCNP] (1)
List the different types of operations defined for the NAT-PT mechanism [CCNP] (1)
List the two methods that allow IPv6-only nodes in an IPv6-only network to communicate with IPv4-only nodes in an IPv4-only network [CCNP] (1)
Does the IPv4-compatible tunnel mechanism provide a solution to the IPv4 address space exhaustion? [CCNP] (1)
Describe how the ISATAP unicast prefix is advertised to the ISATAP host by an ISATAP router [CCNP] (1)
Define the ISATAP address format [CCNP] (1)
What is the purpose of the 6to4 relay? [CCNP] (1)
Describe how the prefix to a 6to4 site is assigned [CCNP] (1)
What is the purpose of the tunnel broker and the tunnel server? [CCNP] (1)
What is the main characteristic of a configured tunnel? [CCNP] (1)
List all the tunneling techniques presented in this chapter [CCNP] (1)
What is the main requirement of tunneling? [CCNP] (1)
List the three scenarios presented in this chapter in which the tunneling of IPv6 packets in IPv4 is possible [CCNP] (1)
What is the protocol number defined for the encapsulation of IPv6 packets in IPv4? [CCNP] (1)
When should you consider using integration and coexistence mechanisms? [CCNP] (1)
Which type of address is preferred by IPv4- and IPv6-enabled applications when the naming service provides both IPv4 (A-record) and IPv6 (AAAA-record) address types? [CCNP] (1)
How do IPv4- and IPv6-enabled applications choose the IP stack when both IPv6 and IPv4 stacks are available? [CCNP] (1)
Which RFC describes the OSPFv3 specification? [CCNP] (1)
What type of Ethernet frame is made by IPv6-only applications on nodes? [CCNP] (1)