Which IP SLA operation requires Cisco endpoints?



Which IP SLA operation requires Cisco endpoints?
A. UDP Jitter for VoIP
B. ICMP Path Echo
C. ICMP Echo
D. UDP Jitter
Correct Answer: A

With the addition of real-time traffic (ie: VoIP), the focus shifts not just in the reliability of the network, but also
on the delays involved in transmitting the data. Real-time traffic is delay sensitive. For Voice data, packet loss is manageable to some extent, but frequent losses impair communication between endpoints.

The UDP jitter operation is the most popular operation because the user can obtain packet loss, jitter and
latency from one operation. This also includes unidirectional measurements as well. The Jitter operation is
designed to measure the delay, delay variance and packet loss in IP networks by generating active UDP traffic. It sends N packets, each of size S, from source router to a target router (which requires Cisco IOS IP SLAs responder enabled) each T milliseconds apart. All these parameters are user configurable.